Wednesday, 25 March 2009

Reds challenge Reds

On the cusp of the EPL run-in, the title race has taken an extraordinary turn. With Man United all but bolted on as title heirs apparent, they now could be in danger of being overrun by Liverpool.

The Anfield men have suffered many years of promise without deliverance in the EPL. While the other three of the big four have all shown themselves capable of sustaining performance to win a title, Gerrard and co have failed miserably. Even while they have touched European glory. Over the last three fixtures however, they have over-achieved spectacularly - 4-0 over Real Madrid, 4-1 at Man U, 5-0 over 5th placed Aston Villa.

Over at Old Trafford however, a momentary blip - the 4-1 reversal against Liverpool - was dramatically compounded by a 2-0 loss at Fulham, whose previous two home fixtures had produced losses to Hull and Blackburn Rovers. And sendings off for Scholes and the irascible Rooney.

United remain a point clear with a game in hand. A return to normal transmission should still see them head over the line in front. But will they hold their nerve?